Die Cutting

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One of our 12" x 18" auto paper feed letterpress printing presses is dedicated to die cutting.

Die cutting is done with the use of steel knife edge strips. 

A sheet of wood is laser cut to the shape of your die cut design. 

A craftsperson bends the knife blades to conform to the shape and inserts them into the wooden base. 

Simple shapes, such as rounded corners for a card or circles are easier to make dies for. 

More elaborate shapes are more complicated to make the dies for. As the die complexity increases, so does the cost of the die manufacturing.

Die cut items which also have folds within them will have the folding scores applied at the same time as the piece is die cut.

The most frequent items produced are: die cut wedding invitations, die cut business cards, die cut belly bands, die cut envelope liners and die cut cards and die cut stationery.


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