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Raised printing in a gloss or matte finish. Our matte thermography is absolutely stunning, and has the look of engraved stationery.  Gloss finished thermography will have a slightly higher raise than matte finished thermography.

Resin powder is applied to the wet ink of an offset printed press sheet. The paper is passed through a heated chamber, causing the powder to melt and raise off the paper's surface. 

There are various coarseness of thermography powder, each designed for specific copy styles. 

  • Very fine powder is for thin typography and graphics.
  • A medium powder is for most work. 
  • A course powder is for somewhat thicker type and graphics. 
  • Heavy coverage of color in thermography is limited to items approximately 1/4” wide or less. 
  • Large fields of color will not render a smooth appearance.

Medium size copy performs the best with thermography. Very thin copy does not raise as tall, and large fields will render lumpy. Photographs, tints, percentages and opacities will not accept thermography smoothly.

Papers with a smoother surface work the best with thermography. 100% cotton papers absorb the ink too quickly, and will not work with this process.

The most frequently produced items are: raised print wedding invitations, raised print business cards, raised print stationery, raised print letterheads, raised print invitations, thermography wedding invitations, thermography business cards, thermography stationery, thermography letterheads, and thermography invitations.

It is very important to keep in mind that thermography produces a significant raise on the printed matter, which is of course the beauty of thermography.  This raised printed matter can become damaged or mark other of the pieces in an invitation suite, if each piece is not protected by a vellum during mailing.  The post office equipment is rough on everything that is mailed, and it is important to protect the raised surface of the thermography printing.

A vellum should be placed over each thermography printed card, to help prevent marking during mailing.   Vellums are included with each three piece set.


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